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Posted: Wed, May 1

PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs

Jared participated in a PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs event on April 24th with the Prodigy Group and Great Victoria Chamber of Commerce.

The kids presented what they did for a product...

Posted: Wed, Apr 17

How Canada Revenue Agency Will and Won't Contact You

With the deadline to file your taxes fast approaching, the Canada Revenue Agency wants to make it crystal clear how it will and won’t contact you to avoid scammers:


Posted: Wed, Mar 20

5 Steps to Financial Readiness For New Parents

From daycare and diapers, to music lessons, sports teams, and birthday parties, there's lots to plan for financially when it comes to raising a child. Check out these 5 steps to make sure you are...

Posted: Thu, Mar 7

Tax Time!

Tax season is now upon us and it is a very busy time for tax preparers! Don't forget your "T" slips, Capital Gain/Loss Summaries (which can be found on the year end statements from the fund...