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Financial Literacy

Posted: Thu, Oct 9

Taxes Made Simple

When it comes to taxes, there is still some confusion regarding how it all works.  If you work an extra hour, does it all just go to taxes?  The answer is no, it doesn't.  Both federal taxes and...

Posted: Fri, Sep 5

What Are The Odds?

It's Saturday night and you and some friends decide to have some fun at the local casino after a tough work week; nothing big, just a little fun.  When you arrive, the place is packed and there...

Posted: Tue, Aug 19

Does Your Current “Financial Plan” Have a Loose Thread?

Every great financial plan is comprised of 5 essential parts; Cash Flow Management, Investment Advice, Risk Management, Financial Strategies and Tax & Estate Planning. These components are...

Posted: Wed, Aug 13

The Impact of Financial Advice in British Columbia

There has been a lot of media coverage over the past few years regarding fees and advisor compensation. There have also been proposals for heavier regulations including the possible abolishment of...