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If you are wondering if you are still getting value from your Dealer, if they are the right cultural fit, or more importantly if they will even be around, it may be time to consider a move to Fernhill Financial. We provide efficient compliance, state-of-the-art technology and software and as a true independent, offer no proprietary products.

At Fernhill, we understand that you have worked hard to build and maintain both your practice and your reputation. Combining your success with our resources provides the environment you need to grow your business and maximize value. We cater to the needs of high quality entrepreneurs and believe that successful advisors thrive in an environment that supports their entrepreneurial spirit. Whether you are building your business or looking for an exit strategy you'll find Fernhill Financials flexibility an ideal fit.

If you are ready to enjoy all the rewards of building your own practice without those day-to-day hassles, distractions and financial sacrifices, give us a call and find out how easy it is to shape your future. Or, if your career is at a point where you want more leisure time and would like to capitalize on your book building efforts, your succession plan with Fernhill can be as unique as you are.

We know that times of transition can create temporary disruptions in your practice. With that in mind, we assign you an Administrative assistant experienced with moving a book of business to make the process easy so you can focus on keeping your clients happy. Furthermore, our fully licensed administrative staff will help you or your assistant in form and documentation preparation allowing you to communicate with your clients as seamlessly as possible.

In addition to our professional facilities and industry leading resources, our compensation packages are very rewarding and easy to understand. You control your revenue and expenses, as well as your schedule, and are free to manage your practice as you see fit.

We respect your desire for independence. To that end, to safeguard clients and to protect everyone's reputation, we are committed to exceeding the industry's standards for professional behavior and compliance. Our vision is to stay on the leading edge of technology and keep you ahead of the competition by fostering an environment that lets you take advantage of the most efficient operational systems available for your practice.

We know that you have many questions that pertain to specific details about your practice and your reasons for considering a move to an independent financial service provider like Fernhill Financial Corporation.

If you would like a confidential interview or information-gathering meeting, we would be happy to  accommodate you.

To arrange a meeting, call David Webb or Deborah Webb in confidence at 250-595-1616.