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Financial Literacy

Posted: Mon, Dec 12

How to Help Kids Understand Money

In today’s society, it is more important than ever to help our kids understand the value of money and the “ins and outs” of cash flow.  Some of the most successful teaching methods incorporates...

Posted: Tue, Aug 9

Due Diligence of a Different Sort

Beyond dollars and data analysis… A visit to a children’s hospital reinforces why we do what we do. Sometimes the investment industry gets a bad rap for what can seem like its singular focus on...

Posted: Wed, Aug 5

IFIC Dispels Myths About CRM2

There has been much attention given to CRM2, an improved method of cost disclosure to investors.  While most of the information has been good, inevitably some myths have also arisen.  We came...

Posted: Fri, Jul 3

The cost of Mutual Fund Ownership - Simply Explained

When it comes to mutual funds, you may have heard about MER's but have you ever wondered what an MER is exactly?  Click on the link below to watch a simple video that will explain it all!